Bland Diet Foods List

Bland diet foods usually aimed for people who are in recovery after surgery or suffering peptic ulcers, gastritis, heartburn, nausea and other gastrointestinal disorder. If your doctor required you to do bland diet, don’t be confused with the diet. You can see your dietitian to assist you make a bland diet foods plan for you. Actually preparing bland diet foods is not too difficult; you can do it by yourself at home. As long as you know what is the rule to prepare bland diet foods.

When you prepare bland diet foods, you must take attention, which recommended foods and which are not, so that your bland diet will work well. All the bland diet foods must be soft and not spicy. You are recommended to take the meals four to six times a day. When you take the bland diet foods, please do not take a large portion of meals, do not be hurry chewing up your meals, do it slowly. Avoid something that make you get stress, positive thinking, relax, and take a rest.

Try to have sufficient sleep at night. You may take your leave from your job until you get well again. You must continuously do bland diet foods until your doctor allow you to have other foods. When you are doing bland diet you are not allowed to consume alcohol, caffeine or smoking, because those can disturb your bland diet to work well. You must remember that in preparing bland diet foods you must follow the bland diet foods list, and ask your doctor or your dietitian when you confused about the foods.

Here is the list of bland diet foods recommended to you:

1. Boiled, steamed eggs (but not fried)
2. Most dairy products, such as milk, cheese, butter (only low fat)
3. Soup
4. Puddings, such as soufflé, ice cream (in plain), custards
5. Tofu
6. Weak tea
7. Malted milk
8. Steamed, grilled, or baked white fish and shellfish
9. Bland meats, can be lamb, chicken, poultry
10.Most vegetables (canned or frozen)
11.Refined cereal
12.Butter (on bread)
13.Fruits (juice or purees)

Beside the recommended of bland diet foods above, you also should take a note for several foods list below that you must avoid when do bland diet.

1. Raw vegetables, such as cucumber, tomatoes, celery, and others
2. All fried food such as fried chicken, fried potatoes, fried fish, fried meats
3. Rich pudding
4. Whole grain cereal and bread
5. Sugar and sweets (excessive amount)
6. Fatty and salty fish
7. Unripe, dried and fresh fruits
8. Spicy food
9. Strong coffee and tea

When you want your bland diet works you must follow bland diet food list above, and when after consume one of foods in the list you feel not well, you must stop eat the food.

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